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At this time my client’s most immediate struggles have to do with keeping themselves and their families healthy and safe. Many of them are still getting over the shock of the way that this virus has changed their lives both at home and in the community.

Whether you are a marketing director at a hospital or an art director at an agency, you still have goals set for 2020. They may have been pushed back, delayed, or rescheduled, but they are still there. Many businesses are struggling with internal issues like how to manage communications with the community, potential visitors, and those who may fear that they have or will be exposed to the virus.

Utilizing multiple channels of communication is critical. Strategizing direct mail campaigns, adding banners and signs that help visitors know what to expect at your facility, and updating your website to convey COVID-19 messaging are just a few examples of how to keep your audience and clients informed and safe.

Some may be wondering about the postponed seminars, educational conferences, and trade shows they planned to attend. Others may have to consider re-engineering their shows to online events to get back on track. This creates additional challenges such as driving traffic to your website, keeping students, visitors, and vendors engaged while ensuring your hospital or business is always top-of-mind.

Flattening the curve of the virus is of utmost importance, but don’t flatten your business curve in the process. Regardless of industry, I help businesses by supporting your communications with reliable, quality print delivered on time. Whether you are dealing with immediate needs related to COVID-19 or staying on task with your marketing plans and getting as much done now as possible. Boelte-Hall is here to help.

With today’s technology, we can print a direct mail piece, imprinting dates, times, and addresses later. This provides peace of mind knowing that you are poised and ready to drop the mailpiece once it’s been rescheduled. You will be ahead of the market and top of mind.

Give us a call or shoot me an email. Even if you want to talk on a personal level about how this pandemic is affecting you and your business. We are human first, business-people second. Stay well and keep marketing.

With over 25 years in graphic design and print sales, Cara Windsor provides a variety of multi-channel marketing and print solutions to her clients. She enjoys solving her customers’ unique business challenges and helping them connect with their customers in a meaningful, results-driven manner. Cara is a past board member of KCDMA and current Chairperson of the PIA Mid-America Graphex Awards Committee.