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The easiest and safest way to proof and approve Your pages

For many years our clients have used our online proofing system. We invite you to connect with us for a demonstration how it works, the ease of use, and why this system is a perfect solution to contactless printing during a pandemic, and after. Call (913) 766-7700 or send us an inquiry by visiting boelte.com/contact. We look forward to helping grow your business together!

Apogee Flow Chart

(1) User submits print ready PDFs to Apogee WebApproval

(2) Assigned users notate, reject, and/or approve pages

(3) Our prepress department releases final approved files

(4) Proofing and quality control inspects files for errors

(5) Plates are automatically processed and sent to press

(6) Pages are cut, bound, finished and packaged

(7) Printed materials are dispersed via local courier, USPS, or your preferred method of delivery

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