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We’ve all heard people say, “digital is the way to go. Social, organic, PPC…that’s the way to bag leads and drive new business.”. And sure, digital marketing is certainly effective, but the fact is that print marketing, specifically direct mail campaigns are enjoying a bit…ahem…a lot of a resurgence. Digital obstacles such as ad blocking software, email opt-outs, and a general digital ad (a.k.a. spam) fatigue have forced marketers to adjust strategies and look for additional ways to connect with customers. And while catalogs, brochures, and promotional pieces are high on the list, Direct Mail may offer the best bang for the buck. In fact, according to Small Biz Genius, 73% of American consumers say they prefer being contacted by brands via direct mail because they can read it whenever they want.


Tactile ElementAs people grow tired of digital ads, direct mail offers a tactile form of communication. Recipients can physically touch, feel, and even smell a piece of mail. The engagement of these senses promotes a personal connection with the piece and it’s messaging.

Grabs Attention As mailboxes receive less mail, more attention is paid to the items inside. Rather than sort through 10 pieces of mail, consumers now sort through less allowing them to spend more time reviewing the contents.

Costs Remain SteadyDigital ads can fluctuate depending on platform, method, and competition. Printing and distributing direct mail relies on paper costs, ink, postage, and production method – variables that remain relatively constant allowing you to better plan and analyze campaigns.

Now that you’ve seen why direct mail is a good option, finding the right commercial printer is incredibly important. Commercial printers have an advantage over retail printers due to the latter tending to cost much more. Commercial printers have the presses and capabilities to deliver large quantities resulting in a lower cost per unit, as well digital presses for the smaller runs. We also provide and assign customer account managers that help you decide on the right paper and inks for your budget. 

Boelte-Hall partners with businesses across the globe who trust us to handle their multi-faceted projects and campaigns, from initial creative concept, to targeted mailing lists, social and email marketing channels, to print and mail.

So remember, direct mail works! But deciding to launch a direct mail campaign involves more than well thought-out designs and CTA’s. It requires a partner that will deliver effective and engaging production.  When you’re ready to print your next job, Let’s Print Together!

Save On Postage

USPS Informed Delivery Discount September 1 through Nov 31, 2020

Informed Delivery is a free and inexpensive notification service and marketing channel that gives residential consumers the ability to digitally preview their mail pieces and manage their packages. This allows users to take action before important items reach their mailbox, while offering mailers an unprecedented opportunity to engage users through synchronized direct mail and digital marketing campaigns.

To encourage business mailers to participate, the Informed Delivery Promotion offers a 2% discount on postage.


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