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Innovative Ideas to Stay Safe During a Pandemic…and after

There isn’t a single person left on the planet whose life hasn’t been touched by the ongoing corona virus crisis. People in the most affected countries have been forced to retreat behind the doors of their homes to slow down the spreading of this disease, and entire companies are trying to stay on top of the impending threat of business collapse by transferring their staff to home office mode. And we can’t even see the end of the tunnel yet.

Although the pandemic has brought people together in more than one way and united entire nations against a common enemy, the main precautionary measure is isolation, steering clear of public places, and avoiding contact with others.

Traditionally printers and their clients meet to review projects, examine color proofs, and color critical jobs typically require a press check at the end. What if you could do all of this with your desktop computer or mobile device from your office or even at home? With Boelte-Hall’s contactless printing programs, you can!

Storefronts and print portals are very similar in function, but slightly differ depending on your intended use. We build online storefronts to your specifications, allowing your customers to browse and purchase products such as school banners, political yard signs, promotional materials, and many other custom graphics. Imagine an eCommerce site for print!

Print portals are intended for your internal personnel to easily order and reorder printed office items like business cards, stationary, direct mail postcards and more. This is a great way to keep everyone on brand.

With the single-sign in method, each user can be assigned profiles or permissions to see everything, certain divisions, or individual products as needed. The look or branding of the site can change as well depending on the user’s credentials. This is perfect for companies with different departments and locations, or smaller businesses who want to keep track of which product is in most demand and who’s ordering it.

Another option our clients use is online proofing with Agfa’s Apogee WebApproval. Apogee is an interactive portal for uploading and approving project pages which results in fewer errors and improved efficiency. Apogee enables both our clients and our prepress team access to jobs from their desktop computer or mobile device. This shortens file reception and approval cycles to better meet today’s project deadlines. Clients get 24/7 access to their jobs, which not only easier and safer for our clients, but also helps avoid mistakes and costly reprints.

Check out this article for more info on how Apogee WebApproval works!

We look forward to seeing our clients in person. We will be a social society once again. Until then let’s persevere together…Let’s stay safe together…Let’s Print Together!