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Holding Meetings During and After the COVID-19 Crisis

As the “stay at home” order is lifted and society prepares to start gathering in crowds, businesses need to ensure it is safe. To make people feel comfortable, we believe it will take good communication, proper signage, and employee training. This is an area Boelte-Hall can help with.

Salespeople will have to provide a compelling reason for clients to consider allowing them into their conference rooms. If Covid-19 continues to linger around for the remainder of the year it could be very difficult to convince someone to meet with you directly. Tools such as Zoom, Teams, and Skype are the new standard for getting an appointment and give you the best opportunity to get to know your clients. However, when the markets reopen, meeting your clients in local public facilities like restaurants and trade shows will be important to help get the economy going again.

Trade show season, for the most part, is done for the year. All early summer shows are canceled and the late shows in the fall are not confirming. This leads me to believe companies need to find a way to spend those marketing dollars and find new business opportunities.

Top 5 Reasons Marketers Attend Trade Shows

  1. Trade Shows Are the Epi-Centers of Development
  2. Compare and Source Products and Services
  3. Network, Network, Network
  4. Access to Thought Leaders
  5. Save Time and Minimize Costs

With the absence of trade shows, direct communication with clients and prospects will increase. Direct Mail and printed communication are great ways to reach them.  Marketing will have to be creative, not simply a tri-panel brochure, but focusing on more robust programs such as sales kits with promotional items you planned to use at a canceled show, product samples sent in a custom printed box, cross-channel campaigns, really anything that grabs your client’s attention.

Go crazy with the message! Get information to prospects now, build new relationships, and gain clients. Give us a call or shoot me an email, let Boelte-Hall help with your new business strategies and how to overcome future sales and marketing challenges!

Shane Estes knows the sales industry, especially the importance of meeting deadlines and managing ever-emerging challenges. His clients enjoy the customer-centric approach he delivers and passion for working with people, further building relationships while also creating an instant sense of trust between himself and his prospects or leads.