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As part of Kansas City’s Critical Infrastructure and Essential Businesses, Boelte will continue to operate safely with uninterrupted services. We will perserve together!


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Who We Serve

Why choose us

We love that our clients love us! Every job that leaves our warehouse is quality-controlled and inspected to ensure your success. See what our customers are saying about their experience with Boelte-Hall.

A Sweet Beginning

The apple in our logo reminds us of where we started; our commitment to quality; and is symbolic of our long history of taking care of customers. In fact, we became known as the “apple printer” in our early years when we delivered bushels of apples to customers – straight from the Hall’s apple orchard!

Relevant Messaging

Using relevant, interactive and trackable communication generates higher response rates and more qualified leads than a “one size fits all” approach. We can help you add video or other interactive features to enhance and strengthen your message even more!

The Power of Print

With a permanence not found in virtual media, print’s persuasive power to inform, entertain and communicate is more relevant today than ever. Always remember, print is patient, print is kind, print does not ask you to log in and print would never think about covering up its beauty with a pop-up ad. 

Image Matters

Attractive, easy-to-use trade show displays help you concentrate on interacting with booth visitors. Window graphics attract, inform and engage visitors, as well as provide privacy. Escalator banners and column wraps help your company get noticed at any convention. At Boelte-Hall, your image matters to us!

Our client


See what our customers are saying about their experience with Boelte-Hall.

“As a virtual office with contractors all over the country, we need a printer that understands our business, can seemlessly work with all our contractors no matter where they are located and without any face-to-face interaction, and in a professional and personable manner. Boelte-Hall does all this while continuing to be innovative and forward thinking. The are our go-to printer for much of what we do.”

Lisa Baird

Executive Principal, BluePrint Marketing

“Before I started working with Boelte-Hall, I was intimidated of working with a commercial printer. It never occurred to me that it could be so easy! I’ve been with Boelte-Hall since 1999, and there is no deal good enough to make me switch to a different printer. I have a team I can depend on to help make me successful. Every deadline has been made, the product looks great and I love the people I work with at Boelte-Hall.”

Alma Allen

Co-Owner, Blackbird Designs

“With what started, by all appearances, as a routine sales call has grown into a loyal partnership of more than TEN YEARS! From the first job I offered them to bid they have had incomparable customer service, efficiency, and most importantly, quality. When you run a nonprofit and donors and friends are commenting on how good your materials look, you must be doing something right. That ‘right’ has been working with Boelte-Hall.”

Jeremy Lillig, CSJA

Director, Bright Future Funds

“We have been printing with Boelte-Hall for one year. As a visual art business, we require consistent, “spot-on” brilliant color when reproducing our artwork on paper. Our printing proofs from Boelte-Hall never require color correction. The printing jobs always meet our deadlines. The helpful Boelte-Hall support team is readily available and their customer service is extraordinary. We appreciate the attention to detail, all way down to the packaging of our printed products. Look no further for an excellent printing company!”

Julie Hanson

Manager, Jeffrey Owen Hanson LLC

Let's print together

For more than 50 years Boelte-Hall has been providing our customers expert print solutions and exceptional customer service. We’d love to be your partner in print!

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