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Variable Data Printing

Names get attention – variable images and content build relevance

A well-designed variable data piece with a good mailing list often leads to a much higher response rate than a mail piece using a traditional static approach. Our team can formulate personalization models to fit your marketing goals, integrating intensely relevant and measurable personal brand experiences. Variable data printing is also a fantastic tool to test marketing by enabling layout or copy adjustment based on responses from a partial list. In addition to the name and address, text, graphics, or entire sections can be unique and relative to each recipient.

Why personalize with variable data: Boelte-Hall Variable Data Printing Powell Gardens Postcard

  • Number of channels for engagement
  • Flexibility in the size and complexity of direct mail formats while driving individualized engagement with consumers
  • Short run or long run
  • Small quantity or large quantity
  • Objective is to drive engagement and action

Did you know

Boelte-Hall’s variable data printing technology can change images and copy for each recipient. Variables can include age or gender, interests, buying habits, ZIP code or even the type of car they drive. We can even print names out of flowers or clouds in the sky for a more engaging graphic.

Go from personalization to individualization

Personalization of direct mail using variable data is a great start to enhanced communication with your target audience. But, individualization is the next level. Read more about Boelte-Hall’s cross-channel campaign services here.img02

Reach the right people at the right time

Variable data printing is also a fantastic tool for test marketing by enabling layout or copy adjustment based on response from a partial list. We offer variable data services for each of the following:

  • Event promotion: flyers, brochures, etc.
  • Direct mail pieces
  • Personalized letters
  • Postcards and other mailings

Enhanced Data

We provide list and enhanced data services for your campaigns.


QR Codes & PURLs

We can integrate QR codes & PURL’s (Personal URL) into your campaign.


Let us show you terrific results on your variable data direct mail campaigns!

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