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Boelte-Hall Direct Mail

We take the stress out of direct mail.

Direct Mail

Boelte-Hall is committed to being your complete resource for direct mail.
Boelte-Hall Direct Mail printing

From list creation to mailing, we can take care of all your direct mail needs. Whether you’re planning a simple mailer or a highly complex, data-driven campaign, we take the hassle and complexity out of executing direct mail campaigns.

Boelte-Hall’s mailing expertise and relationship with the USPS will assure you the best available postage discounts. Our in-house software, combined with our advanced mailing equipment, will ensure timely production and tracked deliverability of your mail piece.

Direct mail expertsBoelte-Hall direct mail for Powell Gardens

Let us help you get maximum results from your advertising dollars. From minimum sizes and weights for postcards to getting the best postage rates on catalogs, newsletters and brochures, you can achieve maximum impact at the best possible value when you work with Boelte-Hall.

For more information, you may also want to check out our variable-data printing service, which is often used in conjunction with our direct mail services. In addition to the name and address, text and graphics can be unique and relative to each recipient. Plus, you can print exactly how many you need for a particular segment.

We offer these mail services for your peace of mind:

  • A secure facility with the ability to produce hundreds of thousands of pieces of mail per day
  • On-site USPS clerk to expedite the mailing process and help determine most effective solutions
  • Modern equipment allowing us to do 100% of your mailing needs internally
  • Complete mail tracking services

Our mailing experts can answer your questions about postal regulations on mail pieces

Discussing your objectives for the piece with our mailing experts can make a huge impact on your bottom line. Sometimes just choosing a different weight of paper or a slightly different page size can have a considerable impact on project investment. We will help ensure the piece meets postal regulations to get the best possible postage rates.


Variable data printing

A well-designed variable data piece with a good mailing list often leads to much higher response rates than a piece using a traditional static approach. Our team can formulate personalization models to fit your marketing goals, integrating intensely relevant and measurable interactions with your brand. In addition to the name and address, text, graphics, or entire sections can be unique and relative to each recipient.

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Cross channel services

Our cross channel campaign services make it easy to integrate variable-data direct mail campaigns with email, landing pages and social media.  We will work with you to create a targeted, automated and measurable integrated marketing campaign to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. Make your messaging relevant and profitable.

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Enhanced data services

You expect your marketing dollars to bring results. To do so, yo need to reach the right customers in relevant ways. We can fine tune your database and lists to get maximum results. From lists of every business in a certain ZIP code or area of town, or a more complex list with several criteria, we can get it for you. We can also provide demographic and lifestyle data for each of your customers to drive strategy.

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