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Integrating print and digital under one roof.

Cross Channel Marketing

Powell Gardens Cross Channel CampaignStart a conversation with your audience using cross channel marketing campaigns

Boelte-Hall’s cross channel marketing campaigns allow you to integrate and deliver your messaging across multiple channels. And there’s no question that communicating with your customers across multiple channels can improve your response rates.  Let us help you coordinate your printing, direct mail and marketing efforts to reach a larger audience!

By combining our enhanced data and variable data direct mail printing capabilities, with the power of the emfluence Marketing Platform, we can easily create, deploy, and track your campaign materials. We can also help you reach more customers than ever with variable data direct mail, personalized landing pages, surveys, social media and more. In addition, we can track response rates in real time and even help with campaign testing to see which strategies are working best.

Boelte-Hall is your one-stop shop for one-to-one marketing communications.

Key benefits of our cross channel campaign approach:

  • Data is customized to make your messaging relevant
  • Your audience chooses their preferred communication method
  • Multiple touch points result in improved responses
  • Easy to A/B test content and even make campaign adjustments in real-time
  • Automated and personalized email communications
  • Measurable engagements and ROI

Cross-Channel Marketing Tips

Cross channel is convenient

Boelte-Hall’s cross channel campaigns seamlessly integrate personalized direct mail with permission-based email, landing pages, mobile landing pages, surveys, online forms, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, QR codes, short URLs and more – and manage it all under one roof.


Create and measure success

Boelte-Hall can work with you to create a measurable, effective integrated marketing campaign that will strike a chord with your customers. Relevant messaging tailored to your audience helps increase response, reduce cost, and build customer loyalty. You’ll gain trackable results you can use in future communications. Since your messages are built based on your audiences’ personas, recipients will be more receptive to an interactive online conversation with you.

We're your Kansas City cross channel experts. Ask us how!

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