Go beyond print for even bigger impact.

Cross-Channel Campaigns

Start a conversation with your audience using Cross-Channel Campaigns

Boelte-Hall’s cross-channel marketing campaigns allow you to integrate and deliver your messaging across multiple channels.  Let us help you coordinate your printing, direct mail and marketing efforts to reach a larger audience!

By combining data-driven marketingvariable data direct mail, and the emfluence Marketing Platform, we can create, personalize, deploy, and track your campaign materials. We can also help you reach more customers than ever with personalized landing pages, surveys, social media and more. In addition, we can track response rates in real time and even help with campaign testing to see which strategies are working best.

Data-driven marketing

Want to know more than just standard demographics about your audience? Boelte-Hall offers data solutions to help you zero in on the customers you want to reach to find out:

  • Who are your best customers?
  • What audience segments which are most receptive to your brand?
  • Where should you advertise based on the marketing channels your target audience visits?

Boelte-Hall and Ruf Strategic Solutions have partnered up to offer intelligent data services. By utilizing Connex Consumer Targeting tools we can help you reach new prospects based lifestyle, income level, buying preferences and more.

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