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We specialize in commercial printing, direct mail campaigns, large format displays, tradeshow booths and cross-channel marketing. We can help you deliver a consistent message on time and on budget. Boelte-Hall makes even complicated tasks seem easy.

We’ve been delivering our clients perfect print and exceptional customer service for 50 years!

From list creation to mailing, we can take care of all your direct mail needs.
Direct Mail
We have 50 years of experience providing quality print services to our customers.
Commercial Print
Expert solutions for your large format needs. Banners, signs, window clings, carpet graphics, cutouts and more.
Large format printing
Boelte-Hall’s cross-channel marketing campaigns allow you to deliver your messaging across multiple channels.
Cross Channel Campaigns

Innovative Solutions

“The video postcards that Boelte-Hall produced for Overland Park Regional Medical Center are terrific. We received so many positive comments about them. They are helping us create new clients and drive results for a Trauma Transfer program.”

- Stann Tate, VP of Marketing & Development, Overland Park Regional Medical Center


“With what started, by all appearances, as a routine sales call has grown into a loyal partnership of more than ten years. From the first job I offered them to bid they have had incomparable customer service, efficiency, and most importantly, quality. When you run a nonprofit and donors and friends are commenting on how good your materials look, you must be doing something right. That ‘right’ has been working with Boelte-Hall.”

- Jeremy Lillig, CSJA - Director, Stewardship and Development, Bright Futures Fund

Forward thinking

“As a virtual office with contractors all over the country, we need a printer that understands our business, can seamlessly work with all our contractors no matter where they are located and without any face-to-face interaction, and in a professional and personable manner. Boelte-Hall does all this while continuing to be innovative and forward thinking. They are our go-to printer for much of what we do.”

- Lisa Bard, Executive Principal at BluePrint Marketing

Trusted Partner

“Boelte-Hall has proven themselves over and over as a trusted partner and vendor.”

- Tabatha Jeter, Associate Brand Manager – Production at Parnell Veterinary Pharmaceuticals

Boelte-Hall Makes it Easy

“Before I started working with Boelte-Hall, I was fairly intimidated by the whole process of working with a commercial printer. It never occurred to me that it could be so easy. I’ve been with Boelte-Hall since 1999, and there is no deal good enough to make me switch printers. I have a team I can depend on to help make me successful. Every deadline has been made, the product looks great and I love the people I work with at Boelte-Hall. Want a team to help you be successful with a project? Call Boelte-Hall.”

- Alma Allen, co-owner of Blackbird Designs