Blackbird Designs Printed Products including magazines and books produced by Boelte-Hall

Quilting Patterns & Books

Color quality is critical on quilting pattern books, and Alma Allen with Blackbird Designs counts on Boelte-Hall to get it right. We’ve been printing quilting and cross-stitch patterns and books for Alma since 1999. Our electronic prepress technicians take actual product samples from Blackbird (quilts, pillows, and cross stich pieces) and match the colors precisely, so year after year the colors represented on the pages match the colors on the finished products. Now that’s a success story.

“Before I started working with Boelte-Hall, I was fairly intimidated by the whole process of working with a commercial printer. It never occurred to me that it could be so easy. I’ve been with Boelte-Hall since 1999, and there is no offer good enough to make me switch printers. I have a team I can depend on to help make me successful. Every deadline has been made, the product looks great and I love the people I work with at Boelte-Hall. Want a team to help you be successful with a project? Call Boelte-Hall.”
– Alma Allen, co-owner of Blackbird Designs