Part of the banner produced by Boelte-Hall for the Alphapointe Cross Channel Fundraising Campaign

Cross Channel Fundraising Campaign

Alphapointe Banner

  • Customer: Alphapointe
  • Services: Large format printing, event attendee kiosk, cross-channel campaign
    Alphapointe landing page cross channel boelte-hall

Alphapointe, a non-profit organization serving people who are blind and visually impaired, hosts a yearly fundraiser golf tournament. Turnout at these events was always high, but Aphapointe only received information on the person registering for the rest of the group. Alphapointe’s marketing director wanted more information about each event attendee, so account manager Joshua Shelton worked with them to create a kiosk/station at the event entrance offering a chance to win a coveted prize. In the first year, thirty-five people entered the contest, with 25 of those signing up for the Alphapointe newsletter. Four attendees signed up for breakfast tours and two requested information on donating to Alphapointe. The customer was thrilled and plans are in place for future projects.