Close up image of the DMC color match thread catalogs produced by Boelte-Hall for page header image

DMC Color Catalogs

  • DMC thread-sideCustomer: DMC
  • Services: Printing patterns, instruction sheets and catalogs

DMC, a leader in the crafts industry, came to account manager Ed Scanlon with a challenging request. They needed to lower the costs on a labor-intensive printed publication the company offered while maintaining very stringent color requirements and quality standards. We were up to the task. We looked at materials, the production process, the file prep process and even shipping to evaluate where we could implement change without sacrificing quality. Problem solved! Ed was able to come up with an alternative that met the company’s color standards while also being more affordable for the customer. We’ve been printing for them ever since. Well done Ed!

DMC thread catalogs - front - produced by Boelte-Hall  DMC thread catalogs - inside - produced by Boelte-Hall   DMC thread catalogs produced by Boelte-Hall