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Our large format capabilities are BIG!

by Boelte Marketing
February 23, 2017

At Boelte-Hall we’re experts in large format printing. We’ve been working with our clients to make their larger than life graphic ideas a reality for decades. From wall graphics to window clings and floor graphics to entire wall murals – we’ve got you covered, literally! Here are just a few of our large format projects that have made a BIG impact for our clients:


Want to make a BIG splash with graphics all over your city for an upcoming event? Boelte-Hall can take your event signage from ordinary to extraordinary.  Take a look at what we did for All-Star FanFest. The event graphics greeted thousands of guests with branding, logos and colors that started at the airport and traveled to streets, stairs, corners and buildings all around the city. We wrapped the entire city and made sure that everyone in town knew that FanFest had arrived!

Column Wraps All Star FanFest Boelte-Hall Outdoor event graphics All Star FanFest Boelte-Hall All Star FanFest Boelte-Hall
Stair Graphics Boelte-Hall All-Star FanFest Floor Graphics Boelte-Hall All-Star FanFest Floor Graphics All-Star FanFest Boelte-Hall

Nelson-Atkins Museum of ArtNelson-Atkins Museum of Art Boelte-Hall Wall Graphics

Have you dreamed of covering an entire wall with your custom message, artwork, graphics or even an art installation? We can do that! We worked with the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art to install the largest wall mural ever displayed at the museum. This giant mural was 50 feet wide by 20 feet tall, and the original graphic had to reproduced from a tiny photo, stable enough to stay upright, have clean crossovers (seams), and leave the wall undamaged when removed. The exhibit was a huge success! When we say no request is too big – we mean it! Don’t be shy to ask us about your biggest ideas!


816 Hotel Wall Graphics Boelte-Hall Union StationWall graphics are a terrific way to decorate with a theme, cover the office with your brand messaging, or even add the perfect ambiance to your environment. Kansas City’s own 816 Hotel wanted to create a very unique experience for their guests. They wanted theme rooms with custom wallpaper wrapping the rooms with Kansas City’s favorite historic landmarks. We worked with them on everything from guest rooms to hallways to make their visitor experiences one of a kind. Guests can choose from a variety of room themes. Super fun! Want to cover your walls with custom graphics? Let us help make your ideas even bigger!

816 Hotel Wall Graphics Boelte-Hall 816 Hotel Wall Graphics Boelte-Hall The Roasterie
816 Hotel Wall Graphics Boelte-Hall UMKC 816 Hotel Wall Graphics Boelte-Hall


Every year Kansas City is home to one of the largest veterinary conferences in the U.S. The conference hosts thousands of guests in KC’s downtown area. We work with the CVC group to brand the Bartle Hall Convention Center from top to bottom – with every possible graphic opportunity. We work with them to add graphics to interior and exterior walls, windows, columns, sidewalks, stairs, and even elevators. Have an upcoming tradeshow or conference? We can transform your event space into a graphic masterpiece!

Kansas City CVC Convention Stair Graphics Boelte-Hall


The owners of Milwaukee Deli wanted to make a BIG impression on their patrons with historic images of their building on their walls. They took a retail space with a rich past and enhanced it with historic graphics to show off some of the amazing character of their location. The deli was originally established in 1900! We used window graphics to install their logo on the glass behind the bar and created a wall mural of the actual building façade from 1933 showing the first beer delivery after the repeal of prohibition (amazing!).

Wall Mural MILWAUKEE DELI Boelte-Hall Milwaukee Deli Window Graphics Window Clings Boelte-Hall



The Lincoln Airport was looking for a facelift in their baggage carousel area. They came to us ask asking how to make the area more visually appealing and more enjoyable for thousands of travelers daily. We worked with them to create bright and colorful wall graphics for the baggage area that provided travel themed images for their guests to enjoy. The result was a BIG transformation!

Lincoln NE Airport Wall Graphics Boelte-Hall Lincoln NE Airport Wall Graphics Boelte-Hall

Think even bigger!

Want to hang giant banners from your building or wrap your vehicles with your branding? How about column wraps? What about branding a tennis court for a corporate event or outing?  We can do that too! We can even print on non-traditional materials like metal, removable adhesive, magnets, flooring and wood. Give us a call and we’ll gladly talk with you about your BIG ideas!

Swiss Re Vehicle Wraps Boelte-Hall All-Star FanFest Kansas City Banners Boelte-Hall
Hallmark Hanging Banners Boelte-Hall Silpada Convention Bartle Hall Boelte-Hall Column Wraps
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