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Boelte-Hall Loves Valentine’s Day

by Boelte Marketing
February 14, 2017
Nick & Megan Doffing - Boelte-Hall - Kansas City Skyline
Nick & Megan Doffing

This Valentine’s Day We’re Feeling the Love

We’re all about family at Boelte-Hall so we’re taking some time this Valentine’s Day to celebrate our many Boelte families. We have the experienced crew: married for 20 years or more, and the newlyweds: married for less than a year. We have babies on board, and even two married couples working side by side every day.

Meet the Newlyweds:

Congratulations to Nick and Megan Doffing who just got married in October 2016! In December they headed to the Dominican Republic for their honeymoon. Megan is a 4th grade teacher in Lawrence, KS. They recently bought their first home and are happily nesting. Rumor has it there may be a new addition coming soon – a puppy is under consideration!

Baby on Board:

Baby Hodges - Boelte-Hall
Baby Hodges

Aimee and Chris Hodges – married 3 years. Aimee and Chris are expecting their first bundle of joy in May! We’re so excited to meet the new Boelte-Baby! Anxiously awaiting a sibling is their fluffy fur pup, 4-year old Maggie. I have a feeling no one has actually told Maggie she won’t be the baby in the house for much longer. Uh oh.

The Experts:

It must be noted that we have a LOT of “experts” in this category. We must be doing something right because marriage longevity seems to be the theme! Here they are, starting with the couple married the longest:

  1. Ralph and Sharon Cowman have been married for 44 years!  YES, 44!
    Ralph & Sherry Cowman - Boelte-Hall
    Ralph & Sharon Cowman

    Ralph and Sharon are proud parents to three sons and four grandchildren. Well done Ralph and Sharon!

  2. Don and Connie Norton – married 42 years!
    • Don and Connie have a son, Seth, and a beautiful 6-year old grandson Kellan.
  3. Bob and Judy Hall – married 37 years! Still going strong!
  4. Greg and Janet Hatten – married 37 years.
    • Greg and Janet started dating when they were 16 years old and have been together ever since. Quite the love story.
  5. Van and Sandy Hayward – married 31 years.
    • Van and Sandy just welcomed their own bundle of joy, a beautiful lab puppy named Sport. Sport’s taking puppy classes and will eventually be an expert hunting dog.
  6. Jim and Julie Engelhardt – married 27 years.
  7. Bobby Joe and Karen Martin – married 27 years.
  8. Greg and Marla Jones – married 26 years.
    • Greg and Marla met when they were 11 years old!
  9. Steve Hall and Bev Chapman – married 25 years.
  10. Garrett & Amy Shropshire - Boelte-Hall
    Garrett & Amy Shropshire

    Garrett and Amy Shropshire – (allegedly) married 25 years (Garrett is still doing the math).

    • Garrett and Amy have three children and 2 perfect grandchildren.
  11. Terry and Diane Ward – married 23 years.
    • Terry and Diane started dating in High School so their first date was over 38 years ago. His secret to happiness “I married my best friend – and she agreed to my annual hunting trip indefinitely.”
  12. Wallace and Rosemary Butts – married 21 years.
    • Wallace and Rosemary have EIGHT children! Wallace’s grandparents were married for 65 years. His grandfather’s best advice: “The first 40 years of a marriage are just getting to know each other – then the fun really begins.”
  13. Doug and Jodi Kersten – married 21 years.

Meet the Coupled Co-Workers:

Jerry & Char Ward - Boelte-Hall
Jerry & Char Ward

Char and Jerry Ward have been married for 25 years and have worked together the entire time! Their first date was in 1985 (you do the math!). They’re the proud parents of two adorable fur kids, a 7-year old dog named Stella and a 3-year old cat named Mozzie.

Toni and Greg Fales have been married for 27 years.  When I asked them both what’s the secret to working together every day – some days side by side? They answered simultaneously: He said, “I listen to everything she says!”  She said, “He listens to nothing I say!”  It seems to be working!

Brotherly love:

Terry and Jerry Ward are brothers and have somehow managed to table any sibling rivalry over the years – at least at work! They’ve worked together here for 25 years.

Love is in the Air

What surprised me most about writing this blog was when I asked about their marriage everyone lit up. Literally. Their eyes sparkled. Their cheeks got pink. For the men, that may have been embarrassment as they had to calculate the total number of married years, but I read it as happiness. They shared sweet memories about their spouses and how they met. They smiled from ear to ear while bragging on their grandkids and puppies. Love is in the air.

Three cheers to love and the Boelte-Hall family!

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