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Increase Recognition with Direct Mail

by Boelte Marketing
November 14, 2016

“How often should I mail?” is an important question that isn’t asked nearly enough. Many campaigns operate as one-and-done endeavors, and then the company wonders why they didn’t get a terrific response rate or increase recognition by their audience.

Are they ready to buy?

Advertising is all about repetition and direct mail is no exception to that rule. With an ongoing campaign you can build a relationship with your audience. If you’re consistent, they will come to recognize your brand, your messaging, your offers and your products. You can target your messaging to a specific audience or demographic – or try multiple messages for different customers. Our best practices would suggest changing up each mailer you send to keep your audience interested.

An often overlooked advantage in sending multiple mailings is actually reaching your consumer when they’re ready to buy. Statistics show that part of your audience isn’t ready to make a purchase – yet (likely about 56%). Another part of your audience is planning a purchase soon (40%), and an even smaller group (about 4%) is ready to buy NOW! Have they heard from you lately? What happens to your mail piece if the consumer isn’t buying for another month? Will they remember you? (Source: Vorsight)

Build Relationships Through Recognition

It’s interesting that we question whether to send multiple pieces in our direct mail campaigns, when we repeat almost all other advertising we use: print ads, television, radio and online advertising. For television and online ads, the number of views is critical to your success. Businesses often spend thousands of dollars for print ads in their local newspaper, yet we question sending a direct mail piece more than once.

Marketing experts often debate the “right ways” to calculate effective frequency. Some say it takes repeating a message three times in order for someone to take notice, while others believe the “Rule of 7” applies, and that you need seven touchpoints to get someone’s attention. So what can we take away from this debate? No matter which side of the statistics fence you’re on, we all agree that multiple messages are needed if you want to earn recognition at the right time.

How often should you mail?

For companies with need based products, such as dental services, home remodeling, or plumbing services, mailing monthly or quarterly will keep you at the top of the list when customers need your service.

If you have a seasonal product such as sports camps, summer camps or swimming lessons, then you have to really capture that window of opportunity. You need to saturate the market right before and during your season, so you may send weekly or monthly updates for a short period of time. To keep your audience engaged try changing up each mail piece. You could send special offers on selected classes, or send a class schedule monthly throughout your season.

The best way to determine what’s right for you and your marketing goals is to take your campaign out for a test drive. Track the response rates with groups that receive one mailing versus two or three. A general rule is that it takes about six mailings to see a measurable pattern.

Let’s get mailing!

Ask us how to reach your customers at the right time, in the right place, with the right message.

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