by Boelte Marketing
September 28, 2016

Make it Personal!

Are you looking for proof that personalized messaging works? An InfoTrends study of the marketing communications practices of various businesses found that marketing efforts featuring a higher level of personalization resulted in a higher return on investment. So go ahead, make it personal!

The survey of over 1,000 large businesses across 10 different vertical industries found that more than 60% of respondents’ campaigns were personalized. Response rates went up as campaigns included more channels and became more complex.

Print-only campaigns achieved an average response rate of 6.0%, while print combined with a personalized URL (PURL) achieved an average response rate of 7.6%. Adding email to the campaign increased response rates even higher to 8.2%. Finally, adding mobile marketing increased response rates to a whopping 8.7%. The proof is in the personalization!

You Don’t Need Big Data for PURLs (Personalized URLs)

If you haven’t used PURLs to boost response rates or survey your customers, what’s stopping you? Is it because you don’t have a database to deploy the campaign? If so, you might have a misconception about the way PURLs work.

While some campaigns use customer and prospect databases to create very sophisticated, highly personalized landing page, these are the exception. Most PURL campaigns are used for lead generation and can start with a simple mailing list, client list, or even a rented list.

PURL campaigns really shine as a data-gathering technique. Just assign a PURL to each email address on your list. The email takes respondents to a custom landing page – and voila – instant response tracking! Your landing page may survey respondents about their service experience or their purchasing opinions. You might offer them an incentive or coupon for updating their contact information or sign them up for a newsletter. The goal is to gather information that will serve your long term goals.

So don’t allow a lack of database information to be a barrier to implementing PURL applications. We can walk you through the process, help you acquire a list, set up your PURL campaign, create landing pages, print your marketing materials, and even track responses. We make seemingly complicated tasks like PURL campaigns easy!

Key takeaway: Let’s get personal!

If you want better results, personalize your marketing message. If you want outstanding results, contact Boelte-Hall and we’ll help you plan a multi-channel campaign to deliver your message!

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